FAA Consortiums

Federal Aviation Administration

Drug and alcohol testing of safety-sensitive aviation employees helps protect public safety and keep our skies safe. Testing is required by the Omnibus Transportation Employees Testing Act of 1991 and by DOT and FAA regulations (49 CFR part 40 and 14 CFR part 120).

FAA Mission

The mission of the FAA is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. The FAA strives to reach the next level of safety, efficiency, environmental responsibility and global leadership.

Who Falls Under FAA Drug Testing Regulations?

  1. Air traffic controllers at non-FAA facilities
  2. Air traffic controllers contracted by the U.S. military
  3. Aircraft maintenance personnel
  4. Aviation screeners
  5. Flight attendants
  6. Flight crews
  7. Flight instructors
  8. Ground security personnel

When is an FAA Drug Test Performed?

  1. Pre-employment drug screenings
  2. Reasonable suspicion drug testing
  3. Random drug testing
  4. Post-accident drug testing
  5. Return-to-duty drug screens
  6. Follow-up drug screening