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DOT Consortium provides Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals at testing centers in Crowley CO, and surrounding areas. DOT Consortium provides Physicals for commercial motor vehicle drivers (FMCSA), and other DOT Modes including Federal Railroad Association (FRA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Transit Authority (FTA), and Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)-  who are required to take a DOT Physical for employment or to renew a medical certificate.  DOT Consortium has testing centers in Crowley CO, which are in most cases within minutes of your home or office.

To schedule a DOT physical or DOT drug test at an Crowley CO testing center, call
(800) 221-4291.
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DOT Consortium Has Testing Centers Nationwide Which Can Provide DOT Physicals, DOT Drug Testing, and DOT Alcohol Testing. To Find A Location Near you, Call (800) 221-4291.

What is a DOT Physical

The objective of a DOT physical Crowley CO is to evaluate whether a persons health is well enough to perform what is known as a “safety sensitive” position.

Who Is Required To Have a DOT physical Crowley CO?

The DOT physical is an important part of the Department of Transportation’s requirements for employees designated as “safety sensitive” and while commercial motor vehicle drivers (FMCSA) are primarily the persons in need of a DOT physical, DOT physicals may be required for other types of DOT regulated positions.

Recommended items to bring to your DOT physical:

Eyeglasses (bring prescription)

List of medications

Clearance letters or physician related documentation

Persons should also be prepared to discuss with a certified examiner all health history including past or recent illnesses or other information related to your physical exam.

What To Expect At Your DOT Physical

Before the appointment, you’ll fill out the previously mentioned Medical Examination Report form. Use the form to indicate any prior or current health conditions. These may include:

Brain injuries or neurological disorders

Epilepsy or seizures

Loss of hearing

Heart attack or heart disease

Impaired vision

Kidney disease

Digestive problems

Depression and anxiety disorders

Dizziness or fainting



Missing limbs

Spinal cord injuries

Chronic pain

Your doctor will review this form and ask additional questions. He or she will check your lung function, heart, digestive tract, and coordination. You’ll also take some basic tests.

What Does A DOT Physical Test For?

A urine sample is taken: checking for protein, blood, and sugar.

Height and Weight
Measure height and weight.

Vision Test
You must have a distant visual acuity of at least 20/40 with or without corrective lenses:

  1. see at least 20/40 with both eyes together
  2. see at least 20/40 with the right eye
  3. see at least 20/40 with the left eye.

Hearing Test

The driver must be able to perceive a forced whisper voice in one ear, at no less than five feet with or without the use of a hearing aid.

If the driver fails the whisper test, the medical examiner will refer the driver to have an audiometry test.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure needs to be under 140/90.
The visit takes about 45 minutes.

How Often Do I Need A DOT Physical?

Most medical certificates are good for two years. However, if you have low blood pressure or high blood pressure, or any other condition that may inhibit your ability to drive, you may receive a 1-year certificate. And if you have very high blood pressure or other treatable conditions, you may receive a 3-month certificate. After 3 months, if you show improvement in that condition, you’ll be eligible to get a 1 or 2-year certificate.

After A Completed DOT Physical

DOT physical Crowley CO is a highly regulated process established to ensure the safety of our nation’s highways and failing to hold a valid DOT medical certificate can result in significant fines and penalties.

Upon completion of the DOT physical Crowley CO examination, the qualified medical examiner will complete your DOT physical form and note any issues requiring monitoring or any health concerns which may adversely affect your ability to receive or renew your DOT medical certificate.

DOT Physical Fast-Facts & Quick Tips

-A DOT physical examination is valid for up to 24 months unless otherwise noted by a medical examiner to monitor certain health conditions.

-Upon passing a DOT physical the medical examiner will furnish 1 copy of the DOT physical results to the person who was examined and then complete the medical examiner certificate.

-When you arrive at the testing center for your DOT physical, please be prepared to provide a urine sample, have a list of any medications you are currently taking, have your corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) and any information relating to your health history.

DOT Physical Crowley CO