DOT Alcohol Testing

DOT Breath Alcohol Testing (BAC) 

DOT Consortium provides DOT Breath Alcohol Testing utilizing the Breathalyzer alcohol screening method.   The Breath Alcohol Testing method is commonly used for DOT regulated employees or Non DOT employees for random, reasonable and post-accident testing to determine Blood Alcohol content in real time with DOT Breath Alcohol Testing.  Same day service is available and testing centers are located in all cities and in most cases within minutes from your home or office.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires an alcohol test for random, reasonable suspicion and post-accident testing utilizing a DOT approved device.  The common device used for a DOT alcohol test is an Evidential Breath Testing Device (EBT).

BAC Test Result Action

Less than 0.02: No action required under 49 CFR Part 40

0.02-0.039: Varies among DOT agencies. For example, FMCA requires that you not resume safety sensitive functions for 24 hours, while the FRA requires 8 hours.  The FTA & PHMSA require only that you test below a 0.02 or you cannot work until next scheduled duty period but not less than 8 hours from the time of the test.  Also, the FAA requires only that you test below 0.02, if the employer wants to put you back to work within 8 hours.  Also, be sure to check other agency specific regulations for their restrictions.

0.04 or greater: Immediate removal from safety-sensitive functions.  You may not resume safety-sensitive functions until you successfully complete the return-to-duty process.