MVR Reports

DOT MVR Compliance

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, carriers must maintain a motor vehicle record for each driver in their Driver Qualification file. The carrier must request each driver’s Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) every 12 months and must keep the record for 3 years. The carrier must review the motor vehicle records of drivers it employs to determine whether that driver meets minimum requirements for safe driving or is disqualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle (per FMCSA requirements 391.21-391.27). Driver’s records can be obtained from the State motor vehicle department from which the driver’s license is issued.

What DOT Employers Should Know

As a DOT employer with safety-sensitive designated personnel, it's your job to make sure that every employee is operating safely and are productive members of your organization. Companies with employees that operate a commercial motor vehicle can reduce risk and keep operating costs low by using Motor Vehicle Records when screening prospective employees. 

Motor Vehicle Records can identify high risk drivers and help your company improve safety and reduce liability and insurance expenses.

What is Included in a Motor Vehicle Report?

Driving history varies by State (3, 5, 7, 10 years)

Candidate's driving history for a selected period

Speeding or other moving violations

Chargeable accidents

DUI offenses

Suspension or revocations

Accumulation of points

Drivers License Number

Data from all 50 states