Drug Testing

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

Other than proudly offering DOT Compliance services and Consortium memberships, we offer DOT Employers and Owner-Operators DOT Regulated Drug & Alcohol Testing. Whether you're needing a Pre-Employment drug test on file, a random drug test, post-accident testing or reasonable suspicion drug tests, DOT Consortium is able to provide you with DOT Regulated Drug & Alcohol testing anytime, anywhere. With testing facilities Nationwide and in most cases, within minutes of your home or office, we offer you the convenience of being able to locate a testing center closest to you with same day services available. 

Who is required to get DOT drug tests?

Federal Aviation Administration: Flight crews, flight attendants, aircraft dispatchers, ground security coordinators, etc.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) holders who operate Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs), vehicles that carry 16 passengers or more (including the driver), or vehicles that transport hazardous materials and are required to display a DOT placard.

U.S. Coast Guard: Crew members operating a commercial vessel.

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration: Operations, maintenance, and emergency response workers.

Federal Railroad Administration: Hours of Service Act personnel, engine & train workers, signal service workers, maintenance-of-way workers, or train dispatchers.

Federal Transit Administration: Vehicle operators, controllers, mechanics, and armed security.


When are DOT Drug Tests Required?

Pre-employment, or before you start your job responsibilities.

Reasonable suspicion/cause: This is when one or more trained supervisors reasonably believes or suspects that you are under the influence of drugs. This must be based on observations concerning appearance, behavior, speech, smell, etc.

Random testing: Random tests are conducted quarterly and must use a random selection process where every employee must have an equal chance to be selected and tested. In order to be selected for random testing, you must be enrolled in a consortium.

Return-to-duty testing: This is required after a violation of drug and alcohol rules. You can’t return to any DOT job before being tested and may be subject to unannounced testing at least 6 times in first 12 months. These tests must be conducted under direct observation.

Follow-up testing: This takes place after return-to-duty testing. A Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) manages the follow-up testing for up to 5 years, determining how many times an employee is tested, and for what substance. These are completed in addition to other DOT required testing.

Post-accident testing: This is required if you’re involved in an accident meeting certain DOT criteria. An alcohol test must occur within 8 hours of the accident, and a drug test within 32 hours.